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Our pricing is broken down into 3 main elements:

1. Plain Garment Cost

This is the price you pay for the garment without any print or embroidery.

The more garments you order, the less you will pay per garment.

You’ll see the prices broken down into a quantity break structure, for example: 1-6, 7-12, 13-49, 50-99, 100-249, 250-499, 500+

Note that quantity breaks apply to the exact same product only, combining different products does not count towards the price break.

2. Personalisation Charge

This is the cost of applying either the printed or embroidered design to the garment. The personalisation element price is added separately to the plain garment price. So, if you order, for example, a single garment with 2 printed logos in 2 positions, there will be 2 x print application charges. These will be added as additional surcharges to the 1-6 quantity break plain price for that single garment. (All prices are excluding VAT).

Print1£9.75£8.25£3.75£3.25£2.75£2.25£1.65Сontact us
Embroidery£9.75£9.00£4.75£4.25£3.75£3.75£2.95Сontact us
High Stitch Count Embroidery Surcharge2£12.00£9.75£9.00£8.00£7.00£5.75£5.75Сontact us

1In the case of print, we'll use either screen print, transfer print or direct-to-garment print at our discretion to achieve the best result for your needs.

2A high stitch count surcharge will be levied against any embroidery design over 20,000 stitches.

If the high stitch count surcharge is not applied automatically we'll contact you for additional payment as there is significant cost for us to embroider designs with a large number of stitches due to the increased time it takes to run on our machines.

Please note that we will not embroider designs with more than 80,000 stitches.

The quantity break that the personalised element of your pricing is eligible for is determined by how many garments have the same design applied to them.

If your order has, for example, 20 garments embroidered with LOGO A, and 60 with LOGO B, you will pay the separate quantity break customisation price for those 2 logo applications.

So, for LOGO A you will pay the 13-24 price and for LOGO B you will pay the 50-99 price (i.e. 20 x £4.25 + 60 x £3.75).

If you order the same 80 garments all embroidered with just LOGO A then you will pay the customisation price for the quantity break 50-99 (i.e. 80 x £3.75).

3. Setup Charges

These are setup charges for your design and are therefore only payable on your first order only. When you log in and select your design for repeat orders, you will not be re-charged the setup fees.

Printed Design/Logo Setup - £5.00

This covers the time and expertise in converting the file you send us into a format whereby we can print it onto a garment.

Embroidered Design/logo Setup - £15.00

This covers the time and expertise in converting the file you send us into a format that can be run on our embroidery machines. It also covers the time and expense of running a swatch that we use to check the design before production.

Printed Text - £3.00

This covers the cost of creating the artwork for the printed text that you create online.

Embroidered Text - £5.00

This covers the cost of creating the artwork for the embroidered text that you create online.

Additional Checkout Options

You can select any of these options on your basket screen before you Go To Checkout:

Individual Bagging - £0.40 per garment

We’ll pack each garment individually in its own bag. If you don’t choose this option, your garments will be folded into bundles and bagged or boxed together.

Names & Numbers - £4 for either a name or a number OR £6 for both a name and a number

Select this option to add individual names and/or numbers to the back of your garments – great for Sports Teams or Stag and Hen do’s.


You may wish to view samples of garments in order to find the right size or assess the quality of the material. This is especially useful as you are not able to return customised garments if they are the wrong size (see full Terms and Conditions)

To obtain samples you will need to place an order for the plain garments you wish to view. We are not able to supply free samples for online orders.

You can then either keep the garments or return them to us for a refund within 14 days.

We reserve the right not to accept samples returned without either an invoice or order reference. A refund will not be issued if the garments are returned tarnished or not in their original packaging. 


GoCustom Clothing will always endeavour to supply any particular garments / fabrics specified by the customer. Where these are unavailable, however, GoCustom reserves the right to substitute with garments / fabrics of a similar quality or size. In the event that we apply substitutes to your order we may contact you to discuss the options, including any difference in price to the original order.

Our price-match promise

We'll price match items we sell against any other UK based online retailer. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Give us a call on 0330 22 33 321 or use our live chat service
  • Let our friendly team know the product code you are looking at on our website
  • Tell us where you spotted it - We’ll need to confirm the price of the product, so make sure you’ve got a link to it to hand
  • Let our team work their magic

The important part
Here is some handy information you should know about our price matching.

  • Price matching is only available on orders with customised garments. We won't match on plain garment only orders
  • Price matching is only available before placing your order
  • We match against the total cost of our competitor’s item and delivery, so keep this in mind before you call us
  • We will only match against a competitors standard advertised price, not against any offers they may have available
  • We only price match against websites from retailers based in the UK, selling UK products
  • The product on our competitor’s site needs to be the same as the one on our site
  • The product must be available to order and pay for that same day
  • We reserve the right to refuse unreasonable requests without question