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Embracing Sustainability: How the Textile and Decoration Industry is Innovating for a Greener Future

The textile and decoration industry, by its inherent nature, has long been associated with significant environmental impact. From the extensive use of water and chemicals to the generation of waste, the industry's footprint is substantial. However, it's important to acknowledge the enormous strides being made towards sustainability within the sector.

A spirit of innovation and responsibility is driving change as companies proactively adopt greener practices and technologies.

From reducing water usage and chemical dependency to improving waste management and recycling, the industry is demonstrating a commendable commitment to eco-friendly operations.

This shift not only helps preserve our environment but also ensures customer satisfaction, as more and more consumers actively seek out businesses that prioritise sustainable practices.

Read on to understand how GoCustom Clothing takes it's sustainability efforts seriously.

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

GOTS, widely recognised as the world's leading processing standard for textiles made from organic fibres, sets stringent environmental and social criteria for responsible manufacturing right from the harvesting of raw materials to labelling, processing and packaging. This certification assures customers who opt for GOTS-certified products from GoCustom are receiving products that are produced ethically and sustainably.

Sustainable and organic brands

Our industry is working hard to make changes to the way products are made and many garment brands now offer sustainable items made with organic or recycled materials. There are multiple ethical standards such as Fairtrade, Sedex and Peta Vegan Approved with which many of the brands we sell are aligned.

Toxin-free inks

Our DTG (Direct to Garment) process uses water-based NeoPigment™ inks which are non-hazardous and non-toxic. As a water-free printing system, it's the most eco-friendly printing solution on the market.

Solar powered customisations

When we embellish your chosen products with your bespoke designs at our factory in Ludlow, you can be sure that we are using the most technologically advanced methods. And some of them are powered by the solar panels which atop our factory roof.

Planet friendly packaging

When we ship items to you, we will use the most eco-friendly option available. This will depend on the size of the shipment, but in most cases packages will be in recycled/recyclable boxes or compostable bags. In an effort to reduce the use of plastic, items will not generally be individually wrapped unless you specifically require it.

Stanley/Stella Official Dealer

Stanley/Stella is focused on simplicity with a range of products that respect the people that make them, the environment and the end customers. 100% of the cotton used in Stanley/Stella products is organic. Stanley/Stella products will last for a long time and are assembled and finished to perfection. GoCustom Clothing customises each product by screen printing, DTG printing and embroidering. Add your designs and logos to customise this sustainable range.

A selection of our sustainable products

A selection of brands with sustainable and organic offerings