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How to check product connections when they are updated.

Did you receive an email to tell you that a product has been updated?

This may mean that some products or variants (certain colours or sizes) may have become unavailable. You can see if any products have lost their connection by going to your account > Integrations > hover over your connected store and select > Link Products.

You will see all the products that are in your connected store (not only products from GoCustom Clothing). Fully connected products show 100% in the connection bar. Products with changes from GoCustom will likely show less than 100%. See this example here:

Click to edit and search for the item(s) which are disabled in the list (without a tick). 

This product is connected ok to your store - [Ticked]

This product variant has lost it's connection - [not ticked]

You can see that the product variant originally requested is no longer available for sale. If you check the box you can make the relevant selections for the correct variant. If you see the message in red it means that this product is no longer available.

You can choose to leave this setting as it is, orders for the other variants will work correctly. But you must ensure that this variant is no longer listed in your store. If you delete a variant from your store you may notice this list shows 100% again, or you may need to [tick] each item to reconnect it again.