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Quickly Estimate The Price Of Customised Clothing

This tool will allow you to quickly approximate how much it will cost to apply your logo or design onto different garment types.

It should be noted that the Quick Quote tool uses a much more simplistic calculation than the full Garment Customisation Tool and as such the price is only a broad estimation of the likely price you will pay. For a full and accurate price you will need to add the specific items you wish to purchase to your basket along with the relevant customisation options.

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Select A Product Quantity

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Will Your Garment Be Printed Or Embroidered

Step 5

How Many Positions Will Be Printed/Embroidered

A 'Position' is a particular place on a garment such as ‘Left Chest' or ‘Right Sleeve'. So, if you want your company logo on the Left Chest and a sponsors’ logo on the Right Sleeve, you would select '2 x Positions'. Note that the Quick Quote calculator will always assume that each position has a separate logo and will therefore add a setup charge for each Position you choose.