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The quality of your finished customised garments depends on the quality of the artwork from which we create our print and embroidery files. It's worth taking a little extra time to make sure your artwork meets the following requirements.

If you have any questions about preparing your artwork, please don't hesitate to the contact us.


It is important to remember that we will not print or embroider any garments before they have been proofed and then approved by you. We have an experienced team who will check your order and flag any potential issues – if we have any questions whatsoever we’ll be in touch. If everything looks fine, we’ll still send you an artwork proof via email for you to sign off before we proceed with production.

File Types

The best artwork to supply if you have it is vector artwork. This can be uploaded as ai, eps, PDF or svg files. 

We can accept the following file types up to a maximum of 50Mb. Jpeg, jpg, png, bmp, gif, tif, tiff, svg, pdf, ai, eps, ps, psd

Text In Artwork

If you are providing vector artwork it is important to set all of the text in your designs to outlines. This will mean that our computers can reproduce your artwork correctly without needing access to the fonts you have used.

Artwork Quality / Resolution

As a general rule, you should try to upload the best quality, highest resolution version of your logo/design that you have. If we feel that what you’ve supplied is going to produce a poor quality result, we’ll contact you to discuss how best to proceed.

Removing Image Backgrounds

Many file types such as png and eps support image transparencies. If you have a background that needs to be removed it is best to use one of these formats.

For the sake of clarity, when you upload a new image there is a tick box called ‘Remove background from my image when Printed / Embroidered’. If you select this then our artwork team will know that you do not wish the background displayed on your artwork to be printed or embroidered.


Embroidery thread colours are matched using Madeira’s pantone chart matching system to guarantee that we find the closest matching thread colour for your design.

If you wish for a particular pantone colour to be used for your printed design, it is important that you specify these when placing your order. There is a section on the customisation tool which allows you to type any notes or special instructions.